Most Popular Programs / Workshops / Trainings


Healthy Reputations

An educational program for staff training and development in performance standards and outcome measures that focuses on the company’s mission and values challenging staff to continuously learn and grow!

Leadership Assessment Tools and Training Workshop

A fun motivating and interactive workshop identifying your leaders and helping them identify their roles that often lead to surprising self-discoveries!

Workplace Etiquettes and the Components that Breed Success

An empowering seminar of defining and understanding workplace etiquette that is necessary for all career paths and professional goals for success! This workshop is for all industries and businesses.

FEAR and the Domino Effects It Generates (Part 1 and 2)

An educational and enlightening mini-series: Part 1 - Fear and its Ill Effects on the Whole Body; defines and discusses fear and how it is a learned behavior and Part 2 – 6 Strategies Redefining Fear; learning effective coping skills that help you to address fear and practical tips to help you overcome it.